Top Five Ways to Increase the Letting Value of Property Bought in Thailand

Dirty Grout Is a Turnoff

Many kitchens and bathrooms use ceramic tiles to decorate and protect the walls against the water and day to day activities of kitchens and bathrooms. Over the years the white grout between the tiles can become dirty or even just mouldy with dark spots or patches mushrooming over time.

A terrific way to improve the visual appearance of your home is to transform your kitchen and bathroom by either cleaning or replacing dirty or broken grout areas. There are many solutions available at supermarkets to clean dark areas on grout so take advantage of this inexpensive solution to improve the letting value of your home.

A New Kitchen Is a Letting-Value Transformation

People always gather in kitchens at parties as it’s a central communal area for eating and drinking, as well as food preparation; an activity as old as man. Most property lettings in Thailand are used to the European cost of a new kitchen being prohibitive to increase the letting value, but here in Asia, a new Kitchen really isn’t as expensive as you might first guess. Another tip and trick is that it’s not necessary to buy well-known brand names for cooking and washer/dryer appliances. A brand new kitchen with value-brand appliances really can elevate the letting value of your home way beyond the initial outlay required.

Replace Old Carpets

Carpets are less popular in Thailand than most European or Trans-Atlantic homes, because of the warmth of the climate, which encourages builders to use wooden or tiled floors. However, carpets still exist in many Thai properties, and there is no more expansive sign of under-investment in a home that plunges the letting value down, than soiled or frayed carpets. Size up one or two rooms first and head over to your carpet retailer to get an idea for the costs involved to replace them. Showing a potential tenant around your home on new carpets is a psychological deal-breaker, and allows you to charge much higher prices. New carpets are like new cars. They smell of money.

Change the Layout

If you have a large room or rooms, you can adjust the letting price of your home through the use of partitions, windows and doors, that either allows the addition of a restroom or conversion into two bedrooms. Be careful when considering this strategy, as poky rooms can come back to haunt a letting price.

It’s Time to De-clutter

We’re all guilty of allowing clutter to accumulate over the years, but when showing people around a home it can harm the letting value. It’s time to have a yard sale, and rid yourself of space hogging items you no longer use. Remove excessive pictures hanging on the walls and tidy up, leaving as minimal a look as possible to get the best letting price when showing people around your property to let.

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