Top Five Ways to Advertise Your Property to Let in Thailand

Property Agents Rule


Property and letting or real estate agents take a commission for their service, but for the person who is travelling between Thailand and their domicile country, a letting agent can be a huge weight off the mind. Spend some time getting to know a handful of letting agents and compare them by reputation, commissions, customer service and problem solving abilities in case you are away. The property agents will take care of the advertising for your property. It’s simplicity itself.


Classified Ads Rock


Classified advertising has migrated from the printed-form in newspapers, weeklies and magazines, to the internet. However the printed form still exists, so keep an eye out for free magazine/newspaper distribution channels such as those delivered, and take-one’s from offices, coffee shops and shopping malls. The classified ad market online extends your reach to the international Thailand property letting market. Locally there are Craigslist, ThaiVisa and BahtForSold internet channels, but also many more if you use a search engine.


Internationally Craigslist is ubiquitous, and gives you the chance to let your property to people who feel comfortable with searching domestically for Thai properties from overseas. Simple put in the country in and the word “property” or “classifieds” to find international classified advertising.


Printed Flyers


Printed flyers can be attached to local electricity poles and telephone line poles, for a very localized advertising campaign of your letting property in Thailand. The unique advantage to this method is that it usually attracts customers from the area. This allows you to vet the candidates and understand a little about where they are coming from and why they are moving. You may even be able to have a quick conversation with their existing landlord for a reference on how they are as customers.


Social Media


Social media is a fantastic way to advertise you are letting a property. Why not leverage your social media presence by ensuring all your contacts, both private and professional, know that you have a property to let in Thailand? Think about posting to Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to attach a photograph with some simple details, such as what you are offering and for how much, as well as the all-important location. Don’t be shy about contacting your professional circles on Google Plus or LinkedIn. As long as the message is concise and to the point, people appreciate the chance to do business with social contacts.


Word of Mouth


The oldest form of advertising on the planet that is even older than the written form. It still works today, so do ensure that you talk to your neighbours, shopkeepers, local friends and acquaintances about your Thai property you wish to let.

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