Top Five Memorable Reasons For Purchasing Property in Thailand

Looking for some reasons to move to sunny Thailand or Pattaya, here is 5 fantastic reasons to buy a property and move here!

Pattaya Property

1 – Bored with rent

Most people get on the Thai property ladder because they are simply bored with paying rent over here. Whilst rent is very cheap in Thailand it is still tiresome to have to see the landlord to pay for rent and amenities each month.

Compiled with this is also the feeling that every month you are making somebody else money, when you could be making money on your own property. And that is not a great feeling for anybody.
Once you purchase your own home in Thailand then you will never have to worry about getting the rent together before the end of the month again.

2 – Needing an Income

Many people come to Thailand on holiday at first. Then they decide that they like it so they come back on an extended holiday. Many decide to never return to their own country and make Thailand their home.

The problem is that a lot of people that do this haven’t planned, financially, for a long-term stay. This leaves them needing an income of some sort.
An obvious choice is to get on the property market, buy a house or condo and live off the rental income.

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3 – Wanting a “Home” again

Renting a property to sleep in is all well and good, but it is never really your own home is it?
At the end of each month you must pay the rent and this only compounds the feeling that really you are just temporarily living in someone else’s home.
Many people decide to buy property in Thailand to make the place they are staying their own. Which brings us nicely onto our next point…..

4 – Wanting to personalise your property

Once you own your own property in Thailand you are able to decorate it in any way you see fit.
You can personalise the interior and exterior in any way you see fit. You can even structurally re-arrange the building, in most cases.
This is a great reason for branching out and buying your own property in Thailand.

5 – Privacy

Asians in general are very communal people and Thai’s really are no exception.
It is an alien concept to most westerners that several generations of one family will live under the same roof, many in the same room.

Some westerners find it very intrusive that a Thai would think nothing of walking into somebody else’s sleeping area in the morning and start talking to them or just lounging around in the same room.
That’s why privacy is a major reason for foreign visitors to enter the Thai property ladder.

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