Things to Think About Before Investing in a Low Rise Residence in Thailand

Low rise apartments in Thailand are in abundance, but what makes people choose a low rise over a high rise?

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For the most part, the majority of low rise apartments benefit from easier parking, less congested amenities, easier lift access and a closer community. However, at the end of the day the deciding factor is nearly always price.

Cost is an overriding factor in any investment. Many of the high rise apartments may stock floor after floor of apartments for sale or rent, but the prices are still high despite supply being above demand. One of the main differences in prices between rooms in a high rise is the increased value put on apartments on the higher up floors.

Higher floors boast a better view, and so many apartments increase their prices accordingly. If a person’s budget restricts them from being able to get a room on a higher floor with a decent view, then there is nothing to justify living in a high rise on a lower floor. Instead, they get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy high rise population, and rather they choose quieter low rise living.

High-end low rises often come with swimming pools and gyms, whereas cheaper options will have few amenities at all. Therefore, low rises with roof top swimming pools and gyms tend to be priced according to the added conveniences packaged in.

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For those that tend to invest in high end low rises, budget isn’t usually a factor as it is with those looking to invest on the lower end of the property ladder. These high fliers tend to demand luxury interior designs and plenty of facilities. However, the deciding factor that sways them into choosing luxury low rise over luxury high rise living are the benefits that come with living with a smaller number of people in the same building.

There have been some complaints about living in low rises when it comes to noise. Being high up in a high rise apartment means you can float above the city streets getting away from the clatter and clamour of city life. Unfortunately, a low rise apartment tends to capture even the drop of a pin. Before you invest in a low rise, always check around the area to see if there are factories or clubs nearby. Plus, if you are looking for peace and quiet, then don’t choose a low rise near a busy road.

Finally, with low rise apartments there does come another problem. Less apartments means less money for the management company. It is always well worth checking that the management company isn’t running out of cash. When it does, you could be stuck with lapses of time where the lifts are regularly turned off, the swimming is not maintained, or the gym air-con is shut down. In some cases the swimming pool has been emptied and the gym equipment sold.

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