Thai Property Types Chosen by Smart Thai or Foreign Investors

A smart investor, in any part of the world, is essentially looking for as big a return on their initial investment as possible.]

This may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many people forget that the property is merely for investment purposes and get caught up in their own personal preferences.
These days the property on offer in Thailand varies in quality, price and resale ability. This page aims to help advise potential investors in the two main types of property best to invest in in the Land of Smiles.

Modern thai house for sale

Contemporary Thailand Houses

Thailand has been changing drastically in property styles for the last few decades, and is showing no signs of stopping. Nowadays many, mainly younger, Thais are opting for a more contemporary style to their homes.

Some of the new-build homes that can now be seen in Thailand would not look out of place in any western designer / architect’s portfolio. The best quality materials are used and the buildings are designed in a modern, stylish manner. The gardens are usually professionally landscaped and are a pleasure to behold.
If you are looking at reselling towards the younger audience then carefully consider how to build or renovate the property in a contemporary manner. There are many magazines and websites available in Thailand to give you pointers on current Thai housing style trends.

traditional thai house for sale

Traditional Thai Houses

Whilst the contemporary style of housing definitely attracts the younger up-and-coming Thais, the more traditional design attracts most older Thais. This style also attracts many foreign expatriates that are looking to buy a property in Thailand, with a genuine Thai feel.

Traditional teak wood houses, when built properly, are truly stunning. Usually built on raised wooden foundation supports, the houses offer beautiful elevated views of their surroundings to their inhabitants,

Usually built in very open plan Thai style, due to the Thai preference for communal living, these houses may not be for everyone. But once again, remember this is an investment property.
If you can find a beautiful teak wood house in good condition and then modernise it slightly, you may have the perfect combination of new and old style to widen your target audience.

However you decide to proceed with your investment property purchase always bear in mind that the property is going to be a plain and simple commodity. You need to put personal preferences to the back of your mind and to concentrate wholly on your target audience and maximising that all important profit margin.

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