Swapping a Condo Balcony for a Townhouse Garden in Thailand

Thailand’s property market has a habit of engulfing you with an array of options when it comes to choosing accommodation. You are quite simply spoilt for choice.

condo with balcony pattaya

In the cities especially, you’ll find yourself trapped in a saga of conveniences, amenities and price options. Most newcomers tend to opt for amenities by renting a condo to begin their journey. Nonetheless, for some, there comes a time where the limitations of condo living, influence the desire for something as simple as a garden.

On your quest for a garden you’ll probably investigate a number of town house offerings. The standard roadside townhouses are actually not too expensive in Thailand. In fact many of them offer similar rates to many of the condominiums, but it really depends on your location. If you can rent a condo for 20,000 baht a month, not too far away you can probably rent a townhouse with three floors for a similar price or slightly higher.

townhouse pattaya

Townhouses with a garden or shop front will mean you will have to dig a little a deeper into your budget. Furthermore, if you choose a townhouse in a gated complex with security guards and shared amenities such as a swimming pools, the price will start to increase. One of the major advantages of a condo is that having access to a swimming pool and/or fitness gym comes at an affordable price.

On the other hand, townhouses come at a price that justifies the larger living area and increased number of rooms. Start to add a garden, swimming pool, fitness gym, play area as well as security guards, and the prices will of course start to rise. For the more price sensitive of us, sometimes the swap is out of our reach. If you really are serious about, swapping your condo’s balcony views for the comfort of a private garden with little extra monthly costs, you need to start looking further afield.

The outskirts of the cities have plenty of cheap townhouse options. Nearly all of them offer front and back gardens, and some even a shared swimming pool.
Another advantage to living in a townhouse is government electricity rates. Their rates will slice the price of your condo bills in half. However, the extra cost savings will most likely end up being spent on the upkeep of your new garden. A balcony costs virtually nothing to maintain. Conversely, the upkeep of your garden will take time and investment.

Once you’ve taken the jump and finally got your garden, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of garden life. While you may not be getting the views you may once have had, you’ll have space and the flexibility to design your garden, so you get the most out of it. For many, the price is well worth the swap.

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