Should you invest in property or stock markets?

Most people have very different opinions concerning where best to invest their money. Being comfortable, financially, is one of the most important things in our lives, therefore financial planning is a big part of everybody’s life.


There are many ways in which to invest your money. Some people deal in foreign currency, others in gems. Although there are many ways you can invest, some ways are very much like gambling in a casino; you are taking a huge risk on an outcome which you have no control over.


This page explores the pros and cons regarding two of the most popular investment choices; the stock market and the property market.


Stock Market


The stock market is basically a huge casino. People are essentially betting on the outcome of the stock that they have invested in. The good thing is that, with enough experience, you can have a good idea of the outcome of certain investments.


If you play the stock market correctly then the returns can be huge. Many people have made millions, some billions, of dollars working the stock exchange.


The problem that you have is that when the potential returns are so vast, so are the downfalls. This is evident in every country in the world at this current time, with the global financial crisis that we all find ourselves in.


Many of the people who previously made lots on the stock exchange found themselves losing the same amount or more, when the markets collapsed in 2007/2008.


Property Market


The property market, whilst usually slower than the stock exchange to return vast sums of money, is a much safer option.


Property has, for years, been the safest and most guaranteed way to get a good return on an investment.


You are able to rely on a rental income on property, if the current market does not promise a good sale price.


Whilst the global financial crisis has slowed property growth prices, there are still many parts of the world in which property prices are still booming.


In many parts of Asia the property market is flourishing. If you are thinking of entering the property market why not think about visiting Thailand to check out the property market?


There are many Thailand based property agents online which means that you can check out the market from the comfort of your armchair. When you see what is available and at what price you will definitely see the attraction of investing in Thai property.

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