Restaurants in Pattaya

Pattaya is world-famous as one of the top entertainment zones in Asia. The seaside resort has more nightlife activity than anywhere else in Southeast Asia, and many visitors come to Pattaya to enjoy the party spirit.

However, there is much more to do in Pattaya than just party, and one avenue of entertainment is the multicultural restaurant scene. Apart from perhaps Bangkok, nowhere else in Thailand can offer such a wide range of cuisines and international restaurants.

For visitors renting a condo in Pattaya, the large restaurant scene comes as a pleasant surprise. Still, for residents that buy a condominium apartment in Pattaya, it is one reason that makes living in Pattaya so desirable. If you wish to make your vacation more permanent and buy a condo in Pattaya, contact the experts at Jomtien Property, who list a wide range of top condos.

Thai Cuisine

Suppose you are a fan of Thai cuisine. In that case, Pattaya is an excellent place to eat due to the number of Thai workers from every corner of the Kingdom coming to work in the hotel and entertainment industry, demanding home-cooked food from their region. As a result, nearly every Thai regional fare can be found in Pattaya.

Every street corner has a Thai vendor of some calibre, but recommended Thai restaurants are Ruen Thai, The Glass House, Rim Talay Seafood, Sugar Hut, The Kitchen and The Jasmine Garden Restaurant.

Asian Food

As well as top Thai cuisine, there is other top Asian food available, including Indian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Lao, Cambodian and Vietnamese.

Top restaurants include Alibaba, Tandoori House, Indian By Nature, Yamato, Chamu, Benihana, Dasong, Komi, Garden Jung, Lee Kee, Nam Sing, Marco Polo, Saigon Bistro, and Ginger & Lime.

International Cuisine

Pattaya is crammed with International dining establishments that range from Michelin Star dining to fast food establishments. These include cuisines from parts of the world. The large expat community originally came from England, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, the USA, Switzerland, and other leading nations’ cuisines.

Top International restaurants include Casa Pascal, Mantra, Cafe des Amis, Bruno’s, Laong’s Bistro, Patrick’s, Pattayanis, El Greco, La Bocca, Maggs, Gian’s, News Steaks & Grill, Bordeaux, Toscana, Natan’s, Dave’s Cantina, Pan Pan, Cabbages & Condoms, Steak & Co, Akvavit, and Au Bon Coin.

Vegetarian Food

If you are a vegetarian, you too have many options of delicious food to keep you happy all over Pattaya, including Budatip, Thammachart, Five Star J, Saras, and Tung Satittam.

Pattaya has every food option you could want, including cuisine and price. A healthy street food and market food scene is also trendy and cheap.

The restaurants in Pattaya cater for everybody from rich to poor, from Asian to International; the fantastic dining scene is one of the best in Southeast Asia.       

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