Entertainment in Jomtien

Entertainment in Jomtien?


Where is Jomtien’s entertainment district? Has it become so much of a nice suburban hub of Pattaya that no one wants to have a night out with a selection of good pubs, restaurants and go-go’s on their doorstep?


‘Jomtien Complex is the new Walking Street!’ – I actually wrote these words (very prematurely as it now appears) in 2007.  While there do seem to be a lot of bars and restaurants now thriving in the Complex, it really seems to be geared toward a pretty specific demographic – predominantly the gay market. It’s a shame it hasn’t expanded beyond this as it has perhaps the best geographic location possible between the beach and the main arterial road between Pattaya and Jomtien and is traversed by families, straight, gay and older passers-by.  In fact, if one leaves the beach, the main road or any of the local large condo developments it is hard to avoid it.


The ongoing de-centralisation from the traditional South Pattaya hub of activity has brought people to Jomtien, as it has to Naklua and other areas in lesser numbers.  But Jomtien has felt by far the biggest swell in popularity recently so it would make sense, particularly given the surge in traffic congestion over the past few years, that there would be more of a market to serve who don’t necessarily feel like driving into Pattaya.


There are over 12,000 new condominium units set for completion in the Jomtien area in the next five years which adds up to more units than the whole of Pattaya has right now. Combined with the surrounding thousands of units in existing buildings such as the View Talays, it stands to reason that demand for local entertainment will grow.


The ‘market bar’ area off Jomtien Second Road across from Jomtien Soi 5 is really the most happening area in the evenings at the moment. It’s basically no more than a common complex of pretty run-of-the-mill beer bars, but business is thriving and what started as about a half dozen bars a couple of years ago now encompasses about 40 up-and-running beer bars.


Having said all this, there are a few bars that do pretty decent regular expat business in the area. Shenanigans has become somewhat of a local fixture and does pretty steady business year round, particularly on weekends during football and Aussie Rules matches – all in no small part because of Stewart Fraser who is undoubtedly one of the best landlords in the area. The Pig and Whistle seems to have slowly gained popularity over the past few years though most people seem to go in for food, not necessarily to hang out and watch the game. O’Gara’s up on Pratumnak Road has become very popular, and for good reason – great food at great prices, good draft selection and a nice atmosphere.


I hope to see a few more of these sorts of places open up in the next few years. I’m positive the market will demand it and I really look forward to it.

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