Coffee Shops in Pattaya

The growth of coffee shops in Pattaya over the last few years has been nothing short of incredible. The normal scenario of visitors and expats scouring the city for a perfect Americano has been joined by the Thai delight of iced coffee and a relaxed chat with their friends.

If you are renting a condo in Pattaya then you have an incredible choice of venues to satisfy your desire for a soothing cup of Java. Pattaya has every kind of coffee shop known to man, from the large chain franchises to small independent vendors serving locally grown coffee from Thailand.

If you would like to join this coffee revolution and live in Pattaya, then contact Jomtien Property to enquire of their listings to buy a condo in Pattaya.  

Pattaya Coffee Franchises

Like any big city in Thailand, Pattaya is no different in its choice of global coffee franchises. Walk into any mall and you can see Starbucks, Black Canyon or McDonalds.

The Thai big brands are almost everywhere such as Amazon, Boncafe, Coffee World and the Aussie brand The Coffee Club. All competing for the very lucrative coffee baht.

You get exactly what you would expect from these franchises, good service and a coffee taste that is uniformed.

Thai Coffee

Where Pattaya really scores is the number of small business coffee houses that are either owned by individuals or local business. A large number of these are owned by Thais as their love of coffee has reached almost epidemic proportions. Even some 7/11 shops have a freshly ground coffee brand called All Cafe.

If you are lucky you can find Thai coffee for sale in some of the more bijou establishments, and if you get the opportunity your really must try one. In the south of the kingdom around Surat Thani, Chumphon, Krabi and Ranong, they grow Robusta beans. Whilst in the north in the Golden Triangle area they grow some fine Arabica coffee.

Individual Coffee Houses

Some of the best coffee establishments in Pattaya that are not part of the big franchise operations are:

  • Sketch Book Art Cafe – a delightful Thai cafe that offers a laid back atmosphere and serves some great coffee. The establishment doubles as an artists paradise and there are art classes for those interested.
  • Bake n’Brew – great location and superb coffee house. Enjoy freshly baked breads and pastries along with delicious coffee.
  • Back-Fabrik – German bakery and coffee house, serving great meals and terrific coffee.
  • Chocolate Factory – a really modern restaurant and coffee house. Perched above Cosy beach the views are fantastic.
  • La Baguette – two locations in Pattaya, La Baguette is a French inspired coffee house and bakery. Service is impeccable and the coffee superb.

These are just some of the outstanding coffee houses that exist in Pattaya, there are literally dozens more dotted about all over the city. Because of the eclectic mix of residents in Pattaya you will be able to find just about any coffee you desire from, Thai, French, Italian, German, American etc.  

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