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Top Four Ways to Get the Best Renters for Your Property in Thailand

References Rule

Often considered an old fashioned method, a reference is still a valuable way of establishing if your potential property renter is an upstanding human being with the ability to both pay their rent on time, and also take care of your valuable property.

A written reference is fine, but you could also consider securing at least two phone numbers of people who will verbally recommend the potential renter. Make sure to ask difficult questions and if the answers aren’t up to standard or seem evasive, consider other renters. Once you have those mobile phone numbers you generally have a point of contact and trust that isn’t disposable.

Social Media Works

Social media has only taken off in the last 7 or 8 years and is really no different than the internet itself. However the design of social media makes it easy to connect and interconnect with our contacts’ networks. If a potential renter of your property is happy to connect with you on Facebook, Google +, Twitter or Instagram, the owner of the property has a very quick way of seeing how the potential customer conducts themselves, in the social media or public domain. This is invaluable for determining if a customer is the best possible renter for your property. People who are consistent, polite and well liked online are the same in real life.

Use a Reputable Property Letting Agent

A reputable property letting agent will find only the best customers to rent your Thai property. In addition to finding reliable, good paying customers, they can also handle any number of issues in case you are outside the country if a problem arises. Make sure the exact servicing limits being offered is fully understood by both sides. If a repair needs to be executed, the responsibility for it can be a source of friction between all parties including the person renting the property. To find reputable property letting agents, make a short list of those you can conveniently work with, in terms of location, and ask them to visit your property for an appointment. You will quickly see who is the most professional.

Use Your Own Network

We often forget that our own network is a valuable source of reliable income when considering letting a property in Thailand. Think of all the people you know? Take a look in all your address books, both electronic and paper. Have you seen how many email addresses you have that are available to send out a mass mailing? Maybe you could consider using social media to advertise? People, who are connected to us, are much more likely to have a matched agenda than those outside of our networks. Birds of a feather, stick to together.

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