Best Removals Options When Moving to a New Thai Property

Removal options usually mean that after a long time spent in the Land of Smiles, it is sadly time to go home.

moving house in Pattaya
On the other hand, you could be so settled into your new found home that you are merely upgrading your accommodation. Whatever your needs, when it comes to removals, you can rest assure that in Thailand there are plenty of removal companies at your service.

With so many foreigners coming and going year in and year out, the removal industry has boiled. Office and home removal services via a reputable company are the most reliable, but costly options available. With these services you can virtually guarantee that all your office or home furniture will be transferred devoid of damage. However, if you are looking to simply move from one condo to another, then the price of one of the bigger companies may just be an exorbitant cost you could do without.

For smaller jobs, private removal services, or basically a man with van that can do the job, are the cheapest option. If you have Thai friends, you’ll no doubt come across someone that is willing to help you move your entire apartment for a little over 1,000 baht. Though, these services don’t always go unhitched. Any damage to your property will not be reimbursed. Plus, you will be responsible for the packing and wrapping yourself.

A professional removals company will ensure you do as little as possible. Their employees wrap the goods. If anything is damaged, you are covered. Plus, when you arrive they’ll unload and arrange your furniture as per your instruction. In some cases you don’t even need to be there. You can provide them with instructions, so when you arrive at your newly contracted property, everything is ready to go.
moving house in thailand
As with most companies that specialise in their trade, removal companies offer a wide range of extras. If your move away is just temporary, you are relieved of having to go through the pain of selling you furniture. Some of the warehouses owned by these companies boast up to 3,000 square meters of storage capacity. Your furniture can be stored for any length of time, while you maintain payment of monthly, quarterly or yearly fees.

The warehouse option is also useful if the end of your contract doesn’t coincide with the start of your new contract. The removals company will come and collect your possessions, and store them. On the day your new contract begins, they’ll turn up on your doorstep ready to unpack. It’s as simple as that.

Removals companies are additionally involved in other logistical activities. Large sized operations such as international and domestic factory relocations are well within some of their scopes. Arranging imports and exports as well as service contracts within supply chains can also be found as part of their services.

On balance, Thailand’s removal services arguably provide some the most professional services available in the country. Their logistical know-how has been designed to make relocation easy for their customers. Fortunately, if you are looking for a removal service, you are spoilt for choice.

Price comparisons are easy to obtain, but you shouldn’t always let the cheapest price be the deciding factor. Always check if there are any added services that apply to your needs. Doing this will make your decision in choosing the right company for the job easier.

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