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Property in Thailand has changed so dramatically in the last few decades that it is almost unrecognisable. Nowhere is this more evident than in the capital, Bangkok.

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Property in Bangkok is at a premium when compared to property in other parts of Thailand. This is the norm for any country in the world, bearing in mind that Bangkok is the capital city.

That said, the cost of property in Bangkok compared to any western city is fractional. It is inconceivable to expect to purchase a similar quality property in London that you could for the same money in Bangkok.

The property market in Bangkok is one of the few markets in the world that has not felt the impact of the global economic crisis.

Thai property, as with the whole Thai economy in general, appears to have more or less avoided the economic hits that the rest of the world has felt.

With this unusually strong economy in mind, Bangkok property is more likely to increase in value and investing there is likely to be far less risky than other cities in the world.

This is only one, but very important, reason that investing in property in Bangkok is a wise move for anybody looking to venture into the property market, anywhere in the world.

Other than the obvious investment advantages to buying property in Bangkok we have to think about the general lifestyle advantages that Bangkok offers, in comparison to other cities in the world.

Bangkok, in recent years, has become a truly cosmopolitan city. With an official population of 6.8 million, but with the number believed to be more like 20 million, people, Bangkok has something for everyone.

There are so many different housing districts in a metropolis of that size that you are guaranteed to find a property to suit both your style and your budget.

Also the city has become much westernised, in certain areas. There are communities from virtually every country in the world living in Bangkok, especially from the U.K. and the U.S.A…

With so many westerners living in the city the quality of the property has risen to such standards that the new houses and condominium complexes could easily be sold in any big western city. The only difference is that they are designed with the wonderful Thai, tropical climate in mind.

There is nothing comparable to enjoying the sunset over Bangkok’s skyline, from the view from your own balcony, whilst sipping your favourite drink.

If you are looking to invest in high quality, resalable property anywhere in the world, look no further than Bangkok.

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