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P.L., Local Businessman
“I have worked in the Pattaya area for a long time and I ca safely say that there is no safer company to deal with than Jomtien Property and thier new office, Thailand Property.  In a country like Thailand where there are many vague things, they are a certainty rare to find…..”
B. G., Long Term Resident, Pattaya, Thailand
“I have seen property companies come and go in the time I’ve been here but for sure these guys are here to stay. I have done more business with them than I can count as they are so fast, professional and responsive. I have condos to sell and rent and they are always first to get the customers in…… Very professional and easy to work with. I always make sure I give first refusal to them now as I trust them totally.”



B. K., Canadian Renter
“Stu went out of his way to help me with every detail. He could not have been more accommodating as I needed time to search properly. Great service!”
P. Y., UK Purchaser
“I wanted a house in Jomtien and I tried several agents. By far the easiest to deal with was Jomtien Property and Paul did a tremendous job of making me feel at home and welcome. He and his staff handled everything for me. Thanks to you…my girlfriend and I are really happy.”
Renovation Contractor, Pattaya
“It has always been straight-forward and easy dealing with JP and TP. They keep everything professional and above board. In my business, I don’t have time for surprises so I thoroughly recommend them to anyone else….”
W. D., Australian Investor
“I was concerned about how my portfolio could minimise risk in Thailand. I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket and property seemed a good way if I could spread across different segments. You guys did a great job of advising me and I feel very happy now that I will expand from the three condos to two more in the next couple of months. Thanks again…..”
P. W., US Retiree
“I was looking for a great place to rent for long term and the choice I saw at Jomtien Property blew everything else away. Thanks for the great service and friendly help. Good luck with the business and your new office.”
Established Landlord, Jomtien, Thailand
“It was a real pleasure to see how Jomtien property handled all my rental units. I now have great tenants in all my units thanks to them. The fact their office is so well located helps, but really they offer a professional service that is hard to find around town…”


C. C., UK Resident
“Thanks so much guys for making this all so easy… I can’t believe I just bought such a lovely condo over the internet and it looked even better than in the photos!”