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Legal Services

Jomtien Property offers a comprehensive list of services all endorsed by sound legal advice and ethical standards.

Purchasing real estate in Thailand is quite simple and often does not require legal help or representation. Having said this, many first-time buyers feel more comfortable after a legal consultation or even ongoing representation in any aspect of their purchase.

Very often, property purchase is only one small part of the whole legal requirement as there might be a need for visas, work permits, company formations, financial plannign and more.

At Jomtien Property, we deal with only the best local, national and international law firms, ensuring that you get the absolute best legal representation possible. It is only from years of experience that we an be sure to recommend truly professional lawyers who can manage every eventuality. They are very experienced in condo purchases, house purchases, land and commercial transactions, visas, work permits or even litigation matters.

Remember, even if you are purchasing anything other than a condo in a foreign name, you will be required to establish a Thai registered company in order to purchase the property or set up a leasehold. Either way, we can manage this process with our legal staff.

If you are buying a condo in your own name you will probably need little or no legal assistance but you will need our experience to ensure all necessary precautions are taken and the necessary forms are completed. Our ‘Useful Information’ section on the website gives more details.

Below is a list of the legal services we can assist you with:

  • company formation
  • visas (‘B’ type, retirement, travel etc.)
  • litigation
  • powers of attorney
  • notary public services
  • accounting services
  • income tax filing
  • tax planning
  • VAT registration
  • work permits
  • retirement planning
  • school fees
  • insurance

This is not an exhaustive list and over the years we have assisted clients with all manner of legal matters. Please feel free to discuss any matter in strict confidence with us.

Our ‘Useful Information’ section offers more general information but we recommend you contact us for full details: