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Why Some Thai Property Prices are Going Through the Roof

Property prices in Thailand have steadily increased in the last few decades, but no more so than at this current time. Despite the political unrest, natural disasters and global economic crisis, Thai property prices continue to rise.

What We Can Learn From a Reliable Thailand Property Report

For many new comers looking to buy their dream property in Thailand, dealing in this market is a whole new ball game compared to home. The way the land is divided into Rai and the property ownership restrictions attached to foreigners may all come as a surprise. With all the diversities to contend with, your investment should be backed up with some hard-line research. A good start is to begin by looking at some of Thailand’s many property reports.

Making the Most of the Money We Invest in Thai Property

Naturally it is correct to expect a return on your investments. The best returns are those that satisfy our expectations of value for money, so we don’t have any post purchase doubts. Even better still, are those deals that give us added value where we get more than we bargained for.

Five Reasons Why Some Bangkok Condos are Increasing in Value

For years Bangkok’s property grapevine has been full of whispers that eventually the market will come to a screeching halt.

Five Reasons to Buy a Home on the Thai Eastern Seaboard

Buying a house in Thailand has become less complicated than it used to be. However, despite the easier processes, this doesn’t make your property investment any less of a headache when you are still faced with the decision of location. Cities are often muggy, and places such as Phuket too far away from reality.


Choosing a Tradesperson to Work on Our Home in Thailand

Finding exactly the right services that meet you demands can be a headache. One of the toughest markets to get a job well done worthy of the cash you pump in, is in the Thai property market. To get the right value on your investment finding trustworthy tradespersons is vital.

A look at Property in Bangkok

Property in Thailand has changed so dramatically in the last few decades that it is almost unrecognisable. Nowhere is this more evident than in the capital, Bangkok.

Best Removals Options When Moving to a New Thai Property

Removal options usually mean that after a long time spent in the Land of Smiles, it is sadly time to go home.

Ten important visible checks to make when viewing a Property in Thailand

Once you decide to buy a property in Thailand it’s important to carry out checks to make sure everything is in good order.


Why Many Foreigners in Pattaya Choose Property Rentals over Purchases

Purchasing property is a whole new ball game when you compare the commitment involved to that of renting a property. Still, there are many foreigners that take the jump into the Thai property market. However, there are plenty of foreigners out there that would rather not take the risk with the current state of political affairs in the country. (more…)