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Renovating Right Part Two


This is Part Two of our series on recommendations for property renovations.


Renovating Right Part One

Given the many renovation works we see on a daily basis with our clients, I thought I’d give a bit of advice to those thinking of doing some remodeling. I myself have renovated a few places here, and to some degree, it certainly is a case of trial by error.


Golf Course Housing in Pattaya

I played a round out at Eastern Star Golf Course in Ban Chang last week and was pleasantly surprised the amount of new housing along the course.


Entertainment in Jomtien

Entertainment in Jomtien?


Where is Jomtien’s entertainment district? Has it become so much of a nice suburban hub of Pattaya that no one wants to have a night out with a selection of good pubs, restaurants and go-go’s on their doorstep?



Thai Property Types Chosen by Smart Thai or Foreign Investors

A smart investor, in any part of the world, is essentially looking for as big a return on their initial investment as possible.]

Swapping a Condo Balcony for a Townhouse Garden in Thailand

Thailand’s property market has a habit of engulfing you with an array of options when it comes to choosing accommodation. You are quite simply spoilt for choice.

Things to Think About Before Investing in a Low Rise Residence in Thailand

Low rise apartments in Thailand are in abundance, but what makes people choose a low rise over a high rise?

Top Five Bangkok Areas to Purchase a Residential Property

Bangkok’s atmosphere is fed by a lively clad of clubs, shopping malls, markets and street vendors. Each area in the city has something unique to offer hidden deep inside a seemingly unorganised sprawl of busy roads and office blocks.

Top Five Memorable Reasons For Purchasing Property in Thailand

Looking for some reasons to move to sunny Thailand or Pattaya, here is 5 fantastic reasons to buy a property and move here!

How to be Happier at Home When Living in the Land of Smiles

When you land in the Land of Smiles, it is easy to get carried away. Comparatively cheaper prices than home, good food, a tropical climate and beaches within a stone throw away can all send you on a journey that results in staying forever.