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Why Investing in Property Could be a Great Retirement Plan

In these days of financial insecurities and markets falling quicker than they once rose, most people are at a loss to know where to invest their savings. Indeed with the interest rates being what they currently are and – in some countries – banks closing altogether, there is little security in putting your money in a bank at all anymore.

It is at times like these that we look to more innovative ways to see growth in our money.


There is rarely a better time to invest in property than during, or straight after, a recession. As many old sayings suggest we can never go far wrong investing in ‘bricks and mortar’. And right now bricks and mortar are going for a fraction of what they will be once the economies pick up again.


In Thailand the property market is booming. It really hasn’t flinched during the global financial crisis. The Thai baht has stayed strong and the influx of foreign investment, coupled with tourist numbers increasing year on year, has meant that the property value has only increased, whilst most other countries markets were collapsing.


One of the very best places in Asia, if not the world, to purchase property right now is in Pattaya, in Thailand. The numbers of tourists, especially from Russia and former Eastern Bloc countries, has increased every year. Many of these tourists want to invest in property or at least lease a place whilst they are staying in the resort city.


Pattaya has so many condominium developments, both inside and outside the city, that you will be spoiled for choice in choosing a property that suits your style and your investment portfolio.


Once you have found the correct property you will have a great holiday home, good rental income and, most importantly, a nest-egg for your retirement. Properties are being offered for a fraction of what you would expect to find anywhere in the West, whilst the standard of living is far higher than most places in the West.


If you do invest in a property in Pattaya you can expect to see a return on your investment almost instantly, especially if you buy-from-plan and get a discounted price. If you are willing to wait a little, though, the market is surely to go from strength the strength.


With tourist numbers increasing, and the Thai economy showing no signs of slowing down, now is the ideal time to invest in Thailand and watch your investment grow.

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